Friday 21. 2. 2020

0.3l Bouillabaisse fish soup 29 Kč
0.3l Cabbage soup 29 Kč
Main courses
150g Beef with hard-boiled egg sauce, bread dumplings 125 Kč
150g Fried cheese with fries/boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 110 Kč
150g Kung-Pao chicken stripes with jasmine rice 99 Kč
300g Small potato dumplings with roasted mushrooms, aubergine, zucchini and onion 89 Kč
350g Penne with creamy sauce, salmon and rocket 99 Kč
350g Penne with tomato sauce, ratatouille vegetables, sour cream and chilli 89 Kč
Grill bar
180g Chicken breast supreme marinated in herbs, vegetable couscous 149 Kč