Monday 1. 3. 2021

0.3l Chicken broth with batter and vegetables 29 Kč
0.3l Tripe soup 29 Kč
Main courses
180g “Florida” chicken steak, fries, tartar 125 Kč
200g Veal porkolt, roasted spaetzles, parsley 110 Kč
250g Mushroom-groat risotto with garlic and marjoram 99 Kč
Grill bar
150g Marinated salmon, miso sweet potato purée with nut gremolata 149 Kč

Tuesday 2. 3. 2021

0.3l Beef broth with pancake noodles 29 Kč
0.3l Chickpea soup with tahini and sesame 29 Kč
Main courses
200g Pork with mushrooms, jasmine rice 125 Kč
220g Baked chicken thigh, mashed potatoes 110 Kč
250g Grilled peppers with tomato sauce, feta, chilli pines and couscous 99 Kč
Grill bar
200g Tomahawk steak, green beans with bacon and Dijon sauce 149 Kč