Daily menu

Monday 25. 5. 2020

0.3l Vegetable broth with noodles 29 Kč
0.3l “Kulajda” potato soup with egg and mushrooms 29 Kč
Main courses
300g Caesar salad with grilled turkey, bacon and croutons 125 Kč
150g Beef with creamy mushroom sauce, bread dumplings 110 Kč
150g Pork stripes with vegetables, rice 99 Kč
250g Sour green beans, egg, boiled potatoes 89 Kč
350g Gnocchi with tomato sauce and spicy sausage, parmesan 99 Kč
350g Gnocchi with ricotta and rocket 89 Kč
Grill bar
180g Grilled pike perch with Beluga lentil ragout with root vegetables 149 Kč
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Daily special CZK 195

Kimchi fried rice, spring onion, Kikkoman, nori seaweed, fermented cabbage195 Kč


Reopening on June 1st

Dear guests, on June 1st we are reopening for public. From June 1st always from 1:00pm are again the non resident of PPF group also welcome. Thank for your support.


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